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Bulk Mulches

Our bulk color enhanced mulches are a natural hardwood mulch that is double dyed for maximum color life. Cedar is the only mulch we carry that is not natural hardwood.

We also deliver, starting at $50.00 plus cost of product.

Our load limits are 12 cu. yds for mulch and 5 cu. yds for dirt and stone

Product Name Product Image Product Price
Natural Hardwood (Uncolored Hardwood) $24.75 / cu. yd
Red Enhanced (Colored Hardwood) $32.50 / cu. yd
Brown Enhanced (Colored Hardwood) $32.50 / cu. yd
Black Enhanced (Colored Hardwood) $32.50 / cu. yd
Gold Enhanced (Colored Hardwood) $35.75 / cu. yd
Cedar (Bug Resistant) $39.25 / cu. yd


Bulk Dirt

The topsoil we carry is ProGrass Topsoil. It is specially formulated with mulch fibers, peat, and various other composted materials. This special formulation allows for maximum water retention and plant growth.

Our clean fill is used for exactly what it sounds like. It is meant to fill in holes, ruts, or raise areas and covered in topsoil. It contains everything from grass clippings to clay, sand, or rock pieces.

Product Name Product Image Product Price
Pro Grass Top Soil $43.00 / cu. yd

Fill Dirt

(Please inspect before purchase)

$8.50 / cu. yd
Beach Sand $42.00 / cu. yd



Bulk Stone/Aggregate

Product Name Product Image Product Price
Pea Gravel $52.82 / cu. yd
2″ River Rock $82.00 / cu. yd
1″ Crushed Stone  20160701_095920 $83.00 / cu. yd
Crushed Concrete with Fines $74.50/ cu. yd

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Bulk Material Coverage Chart

Bulk materials are sold by the cubic yard. A cubic yard can be thought of as a volume of measurement equal to 3’x3’x3’. One cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet. To calculate how many yards of material you need you will have to do some basic measurements.

Basic Coverage Formula

Length (feet) multiplied by width (feet) equals total square feet.Multiply this number by the depth desired, then divide by 324 to get the total cubic yards.


Length=120 Feet, Width=3 Feet, Depth=4 Inches
Example: 120’x3’= 360’ x 4” / 324 = 4.4 yards
To cover an area 120 feet long by 3 feet wide at 4 inches deep, you will need 4.4 yards of product.

One Cu. Yd. @ 1” deep covers 324 sq. ft.
One Cu. Yd. @ 2” deep covers 162 sq. ft.
One Cu. Yd. @ 3” deep covers 108 sq. ft.
One Cu. Yd. @ 4” deep covers 81 sq. ft.
One Cu. Yd. @ 6” deep covers 54 sq. ft.
One Cu. Yd. @ 12” deep covers 27 sq. ft.