Edging & Accessories

Permaloc Aluminum landscape edging is for defining and containing planting bed areas, retaining concrete/brick pavers, walking paths, jogging trails, running tracks, maintenance strips, driveways, and asphalt borders.

The LT Series can be flexed into a 20″ and comes in 8′ sections. Each section comes with three stakes

Product Color Name Product Color Sample Product Price
Mill Finished Aluminum $18.37
Green Finished Aluminum $23.30
Bronze Finished Aluminum $23.30
Black Finished Aluminum $23.30

Stable Edge Aluminum Paver Restraint retains and stabilizes unit pavers in applications ranging from pedestrian walkways to vehicular traffic areas. Interlocking concrete paver edging, clay paver edging, asphalt block edging, granite paver edging, paver slab edging or natural cut stone slab edging.

Comes in Mill Finish Only

Product Color Name Product Color Sample Product Price
Paver Mill Finished Aluminum Edging $15.23