Landscape Maintenance

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 Fertilizing & Pest Control Services Offered and Performed by Elite Landscape Maintenance

Fertilizing and Weed Control: Performed April through October

Check out our fertilizing website to see the fertilizing and weed control programs we offer. We also offer lime, grub controls, core aeration, tree/shrub fertilizing and foliar spray as well as deep root dormant oil applications.

Mowing, Trimming, and Edging:  Performed between April to October (27 Weeks)

More than 90% of all our properties are double mowed for evenness of lawn.
Change pattern weekly – Removal of trash, No visible clumps, Trim all un-mowed areas, Mow at 3” Mechanical edge all curbs and walks. No Asphalt will be edged. The last two cuts of the season will be spread out into 10 day cuts; we will knock down the lawn ½” as well.

Spring Cleanup: Performed 3/14 to 4/21 (Weather dictates)

Clean turf and landscape beds free of leaves and debris.  Cleaning of perennials is extra.

Fall Cleanup:  Performed 10/16 to 11/22 (Weather dictates)

Full Maintenance clients will have leaves removed (3) three times (1 with last mowing of season-leaves to be picked up from the turf only this round)

1st Cleaning: Performed in early November (leaves will be picked up from the turf only)

2nd Cleaning: Performed in mid November after 90% of all leaves have dropped (includes beds and turf) ALL MATERIAL IS REMOVED AND DISPOSED OFF LOCATION.  Cleaning of perennials is an extra cost.

Pruning (Seasonal):

Performed two or more times per season. (See contract)

Pruning of low growing shrubs to a proper shape. Pruning of Ornamental trees (Less than 10 feet) Hand pruning will be performed where necessary.  All debris will be disposed offsite properly.

Landscape Bed Maintenance:

Performed every 3 weeks

We will manually pull all weeds taller than 2” and spray with weed killer all weeds less than 2”. This provides weed free landscape beds and parking lots for maximum curb effect. This does require us to have special license.

Bed Edging:

Usually performed while installing mulch

Mechanical edge landscape bed edges to give a clean, crisp, and well defined edge.  Removal of built up dirt and mulch (may be an additional cost) and disposal of material properly.  Giving the cleanest look possible.

Bark / Mulch Installation:

Performed 3/1 to 6/1

We will lay a Pre-emergent (for weed control) under the new mulch. The use of color enhanced mulch for maximum color retention is recommended.

Over Seeding:

Performed all year except in the winter season. This will promote a heavier root system which makes the lawn less susceptible to problems with diseases and heavy drought periods. The best results will require a fertilizing and weed control program along with plenty of water. Turf will be aerated 3-4 times to loosen soil compaction.

Perennial Care:

Dead heading of all perennials (Hostas, Daylily’s, and Ornamental Grasses, etc.). This can be done in the spring or the fall – this is best to do in the fall while doing the fall cleanups. This will make all blooming plants grow better simply because they are not trying to grow through the dead plant material. This will make fall clean up’s easier and cleaner.

Lawn Dethatching:

This will promote a healthy root system and allow water to better penetrate to the roots.  Some thatch is always good, but too much is harmful for the turf. Best in cooler months

Payment Options:

Billing and Payments: Payments are due 15 days from the date of invoice. Elite Landscape Maintenance reserves the right to cancel contract after 30 days past due. Finance charges will apply on all past due invoices. Fuel surcharges may apply.

Cancellation of Contract:

All signed contracts must be cancelled for just cause. We require 30 days written notice. If contract cancellation is committed within 30 days, Elite Landscape Maintenance reserves the right to invoice contract difference.

Elite Landscape Maintenance is a DBA of Majestic Services of MI, Inc. Elite Landscape Maintenance is responsible for all fertilizing, weed & pest control treatments under MDARD License #410177.